The Sandlot

Ambler: Sat (Mar 31) 11:00 am
County: Sat (Mar 31) 11:00 am
It is almost Opening Day! Show your colors and wear something from your favorite sports team and get free popcorn and a prize!
Eager to make friends, new-kid-in-town Scotty heads for the neighborhood sandlot to join in on the baseball game. He’s not any good, but the others grow to accept him as they teach him about the sport. His joy turns to horror, though, when he launches a ball signed by Babe Ruth into the junkyard of a crotchety neighbor with a menacing dog. Frightened, the boys test their mettle when they scheme to retrieve the ball. Made in 1993. Rated PG. Runs 1 hr, 41 min. HD Digital.

The Sandlot

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