Why Is Marigold On Two Screens?


For the first time, at either the County or Ambler, we are showing a single film on two screens: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel!

What’s up with that?
First, we knew that Marigold would be a huge hit – which it is.  We’ve had big crowds, and sellouts, so far.

Second, it comes at a time when there are few films out there that people seem to want to see.  Good films, yes.  But when we have some shows that only 2 or 3 people come to, that is telling us something.

Further, there aren’t any big films coming until the middle of June.  The Intouchables and Hysteria start on June 15.  Moonrise Kingdom is available on June 29 and To Rome with Love on July 6.

So, when you add it all up, it seemed like a good time to try something different.

If you’ve seen Marigold, let us know if you liked it.  And whether the added showtimes helped.  Or whether there is a film you want to see that we haven’t gotten to or pulled after a short run.

Your input and feedback is important to us, so let us know.


39 thoughts on “Why Is Marigold On Two Screens?

  1. I saw Marigold at your theater on Saturday afternoon and I really enjoyed it. I was disappointed to see such a brief run for In Darkness. It’s probably too late to pick up Coriolanus, but I had hoped to see it in Ambler. Ambler is my first choice theater to see any film.

  2. This annoys me only because you only had Damsels in Distress for 1 week. Your engagements are typically for 2 weeks or more, so I assumed I’d be able to see it the 2nd week.

  3. a friend’s rave review has me bringing another friend tomorrow to see Marigold.

  4. We, too, had hoped to see Damsels this weekend. We’ve already seen Marigold and, while it is a charming movie, it is no masterpiece. Surely, there is another independent feature out there you could have put on the second screen. By the way, we sure hope you’ll be able to show “Beasts of the Southern Wild” when it is released in late June. We saw a preview of it at a film festival and thought it was one of the most original, refreshing films in a long time.

  5. I saw “Marigold” and loved it–the show we came for was sold out. I also wanted to see “Damsels.” Any chance it will be coming back?

  6. I agree, I wish Damsels in Distress had been here another week and I have been waiting all spring for IN DARKNESS to come and it looks like it will not
    be showing.

  7. THOROUGHLY ENJOYED Marigold Hotel! And yes, the extra screenings and times helped make it more convenient.
    Sorry that Footnote was not there very long — missed it and had wanted to see it.

  8. It would be most helpful to know how long any film will be showing. Two screens is fine for a week but I can’t see any movie this week. Will it be showing next week?

  9. I saw Marigold last Friday night, opening day, and absolutely loved it. Will go see it again. Thanks for the experiment so more people can see it.

  10. I, too, missed “Damsels in Distress”, very disappointing. Loved Exotic Marigold Hotel. Wish “Two Governors” was playing a few evenings as I missed it in past showing and want to see it, but daytime showings are difficult for me to get to.
    Loyal fan of County Theatre

  11. I definitely wanted to see Damsels in Distress. Any chance you can bring it back again before June 15th?

  12. A friend and I left MARIGOLD feeling not only positively entertained, but enlightened. I’m hoping my Sr. years lead to such an adventure.

  13. We saw MARIGOLD and enjoyed it immensely! Great actors who looked like they were really enjoying inhabiting these characters and their journey of discovery.

  14. Instead of showing it on two screens, why not go back and pick up recent films that, I was told, you didn’t have room or time for, like Shame?

  15. I agree with Amiel. I saw it on Sunday with my mom and even though we had to sit 2nd row due to the crowd, we both enjoyed it very much!

    I was also bummed about missing In Darkness! I really wanted to see it and was surprised it only lasted one week.

    I LOVE Ambler Theater!

  16. The reason I love the County is because I can see movies that are not offered everywhere. I can see Marigold in many theaters. There is no need to have it on both screens. I really wanted to see Damsels and had planned to see it this week.

  17. I agree with Connie, there is no need to show it on both screens when you can see it at the mainstream theaters as well. Show Headhunters which is an awesome foreign thriller ( see it before they remake it in America ). Or First Position, a great documentary

  18. I missed “in darkness”??? I waited so long to see it.. Very bummed. I wish the scheduling stayed the same for every movie. sometimes a
    Week. Sometimes two weeks. It’s very confusing and I miss a lot of movies due to this..:((

  19. I adore your theater and the only thing I would change is the scheduling..:/.., and please bring back IN DARKNESS ….:)

  20. Since the courteous employees of the Ambler Theater can’t speak for themselves in this matter, I will speak for them. The Ambler Theater is a business just like any other, not your own very large home theater system. They can’t just play any movie you want anytime. That’s what Netflix is for…kind of. For example “Damsels in Distress” was only there for a week because nobody came to see it. When the theater is only 5 full at a time they make no money. If you want to see movies there they have to make money, non-profit or not. If you want to see a movie, see it while it’s there, don’t complain when it’s gone. Damsels may have only been there for a week but “Footnote” was there for 3. A movie like that is never at a theater for 3 weeks. So that is your fault, period. Also “the Way”? Are you serious? Please don’t be serious. You could see “marigold” at other theaters, but when you do how does that help the county or the ambler when they have no shows and you’re at the regal watching Maggie smith be racist. From now on just think and things will be so much easier for everyone

  21. From John Toner, Executive Director:
    We’ll be showing MARIGOLD on two screens for a second week. After that, it looks like MARIGOLD will drop to just one screen. And BERNIE will be added.
    DAMSELS and IN DARKNESS were both in and out quickly. We’ll try to show both, again, as Limited Engagments in the upcoming weeks. Be on the lookout, because they’ll only get a couple of weekday shows at most.
    And, yes, the length of a film’s run is dictated by how many people come to see it.
    Our presentation of a film is done in partnership with its distributor. They are our “partners” in this enterprise, if you will. As a result, we don’t have unlimited control over what we play and when we play it. Having said that, though, I think the scheduling usually works out pretty well. We cram a lot of films into a very small screening space.
    By the way, personally I liked THE WAY. Was it Citizen Kane II? No. But it had a good heart, which counts for something, right?
    Thanks for all of your positive and supportive comments. We appreciate them. Let us know, if you have any other comments or questions.

    John Toner

  22. Marigold was the best movie of the year thus far. It was funny, touching and well acted. Thanks for bringing it to Ambler, it was the only theater around in lower Montgomery County that had it in. Keep bringing the indie hits.

  23. Yes. Keep up the good work. Love getting my county fix…:)) I send all my friends your way…

  24. I am thrilled that it is on both screens. I understand that you cannot please everyone, but I am thrilled to have the Ambler Theatre in our location. Looking forward to coming and see the Marigold HOtel.

  25. Movies like ‘Marigold’ subsidize movies like ‘Damsels’. Let them have a hit when they can get one, so that they can keep running the smaller stuff throughout the year.

  26. I didn’t see the way so you may be right and I do like me some Martin sheen, but I think it played there once or twice a week after its run for way longer than anyone would expect. I believe it was out on DVD at that point and as much as I like to think every movie should be seen in theaters, that certainly did not HAVE to be seen on theaters, not that you didn’t give us the chance

  27. DAMSELS IN DISTRESS really wasn’t that good. In fact, it was one of the two worst movies I’ve ever seen at The County. The other was THE TREE OF LIFE!

  28. I saw Marigold and really enjoyed it! I’m glad the county theater was showing it and the added showtimes helped keep my Sunday flexible and relaxing. Thanks! It was great!

  29. I saw “Chico and Rita” at the Angelika in NYC and told my friends that it would surely play here at the Ambler, but it never did. I think it’s a very worthwhile film that will bring out a crowd. It’s an animated film about life in Cuba in the early 50’s and has great music, plus creative, subtle animation, of an older style. It is also an adult theme.

  30. I think showing Marigold on two screens was an EXCELLENT idea. Otherwise it would have hung around for two months like King’s Speech, which forced people to see Black Swan when they would have rather seen Speech. I saw King’s Speech & Marigold both twice at the County and loved them each time~! I hate megaplexes and love the County! Will you be showing “The Words” in the Fall? I understand the writer is a native son :)

  31. Did NOT like Marigold Hotel. The film was agenda driven with an unbelievable premise. (If you decide to see it, leave your brain at home.)

    It was predictable, corny, and overly sentimental.

    More like Enchanted April without the Enchantment.

    Please don’t try to force your notion of what constitutes a “good” film
    by pushing a film so forcefully (monopolizing your entire theatre with it).

    How arrogant and PC of you.

  32. Dear Get Smart:
    I understand your criticism of Marigold. You say that it is predictable, corny and sentimental. Perhaps.
    But that we were “arrogant and PC” by playing it on 2 screens?
    Hmmm. That decision had to do with the film being popular, right? I mean, that’s what this blog post was about. And a ton of people have seen the film and enjoyed it. We had no motives beyond trying to serve our members and patrons.
    Anyway, now that we’re back to two films, I hope you’ll like Bernie. And our Hollywood Summer Nights series has a lot of good films, as well.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    John Toner
    Executive Director

  33. I was out of work for a short time in the late winter of 2011, and one of the only good things about not working was that I saw tons of movies at Ambler. I could make it to all the short runs and odd times. It’s good that I am back at work, but now it’s almost impossible to make it to some of the short runs like “The Way” and “In Darkness,” both of which I was sorry to miss. I’m glad I took advantage of it while I could, and well, maybe some day in the far-off future I will be able to retire and see movies again at 5:30! Any chance of showing “First Position” at Ambler?

  34. My husband and I thoroughloy enjoyed MARIGOLD HOTEL. The acting was great and we thought the story line clever. We’re old (in our mid seventies) so we could relate to these people. Don’t think we would want to live in hot, crowded India but the scenery was beautiful and we are grateful to The County for showing offbeat films. We are faithful members and friends of ours have joined too! Can’t beat the price.

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